The New Calendar encounters:
1) The callings of Divine Paul for keeping accurate the holy traditions.
2) The 7th, 1st, and 55th Apostolic Canons.
3) In the 6th and 7th Rules of the First Ecumenical Synod
4) On the 8th of the Third Ecumenical in ratifying the 35th mission, 6th and 7th of the First Ecumenical and the 3rd of Antioch.
5) In the 1st and 28on the First Ecumenical Council.
6) In 56th of the 5th Ecumenical “on the fasting simultaneously discharge under all Orthodox".
7) On the 1st of Quinisext.
8) The 1st and 7th of the Seventh Ecumenical.
9) The general practice of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, where relatively Tarasios is speaking.
10) In the fourth act of the 7th Ecumenical Council, where relatively he is speaking too.
11) On all the "Ekvoiseis" of the Seventh Ecumenical.
12) The minutes of the Seventh Ecumenical on the pseudo-synod of Kopronymos.
13) The term of the seventh Synod.
14) On the Seventh Ecumenical Synod’ references of Tarasios to the kings Constantine and Irene.
15) On at the Seventh Ecumenical Synod “References” of Tarasios to the Priests of the Great Church.
16) The First Rule of Antioch Local Synod.
17) In the 19th canon of Gangra local "non-fasting does" as far the New- calendarists removed fasting of the Holy Apostles.
18) On the 21st of this in Gangra Local.
19) The LZ 'Rule of Carthage Local, anathematized by the defaulting sacred traditions
20) The LZ 'Canon of Laodicea on the local for non feast after the heretics.
21) The NG-Canon on this local non praise with the heretics and schismatics.
22) The terms and provisions of the Great Fathers of the Church through the exact fulfillment of supplies, particularly of Great Basil, Great Athanasius, Chrysostom, Gregory of Nyssa, Epiphanius and John of Damascus.
23) In the Traditions offices and high lessons of Photios the Great, the information contained in this 263 letters and especially in 3th, on 4th, 6th of, 146 of Apostolic letters.
24) In 228th of Nomokanona.
25) Decisions of Elder Andronicus and Matthew Blastara (14th century).
26) In those Constantinople, in the year 1583, of Jeremiah the Second the Great, Pan-Orthodox Synod, where it was issued the famous Patriarchal Singilion about the New Franco-Gregorian calendar.
27) In those controls of the Patriarch Jeremiah II the Tranos (Great) on the innovations of the Western Church, in the year 1588.
28) The Canon of 8th in the year 1593, of the same Patriarch, of Pan-Orthodox Synod.
29) In the Encyclical in the year 1848 that was given to everywhere Orthodox by the Synod of Constantinople under Patriarch Anthimus.
30) The 5th condition of Constantinople in the year 1727 by the Synod of Patriarch Jeremiah the Third.
31) In the year 1827, in the denials of the Ecumenical Patriarchate Agathangelos to the change of the Calendar.
32) The prohibitions in the year 1895 of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Anthimos (7th) on talk about the calendar’s change.
33) In the decisions of the special Commission in the year 1902 in Constantinople on the calendar’s issue.
34) The apophatic (negative) responses on the calendar changes of all Orthodox Churches, to the question from the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Joachim III in the year 1902.

Below we present the Circulars against the novelty of the Gregorian calendar in the years 1593, 1756, 1848.


Whoever does not follow the traditions of the Holy Orthodox Church as the seven Holy Ecumenical Synods has established and the Holy Easter and the Calendar of the months well legislate to follow, and they wants to follow the new- invited Paschalion and Menologion of the atheists astronomers of the Pope and they oppose on these and wants to upset and spoil the Paternal dogmas and traditions of the Holy Orthodox Church (then) he have ANATHEMA and to be out of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Holy Church and the Faithful’ s community.
+ Jeremiah of Constantinople
+ Sophronius of Jerusalem
+ Silvestre of Alexandria
And the other bishops of the Synod Presents. (Year; 1593)

"If someone evangelizes unto you, despite those that you received and despite those that we evangelized unto you, not even he is an angel from heaven, even those we, let be in anathema", and the Synodical canons which they say whoever wanted add or remove a single iota, even unto him seven Anathemas. And so acting on our Clergy and Christian Crew: We anathematize trillion even the Sacred Directory or the laymen, to be away (in schism) by the Lord God, Almighty, accursed and unforgivable after death unsolved. Century oak and iron are going to solve but they do not in any way. They will take the leprosy of Gehazi and the gallows Judas. Close to be and tremble on earth as Cain, God's wrath on their heads of these and their part after Judas and the God- enemies Jews.The land to fight them, as Dathan and Abiram ever. Angel of the Lord to take after them with knife all the days of their life and all the Patriarchal and Synodical dilutes, responsible and in eternal Anathema, indictees and guilty on fire of Gehenna. Amen.

To the Orthodox everywhere;
We keep the confession that we received honest from such men who did not accept every novelty, as it was dictated by devil.
The accepting of modernity accuses as deficient the Orthodox Faith. Although, it already fully sealed, not open neither nor increase reduction, neither alteration, which, however, and anyone who dares to do so or to advise or to imagine it already, he has already denied the faith of Christ, already he voluntarily submitted to the eternal curse because he blasphemed the Holy Spirit, as allegedly not well spoken in the Scriptures and in Ecumenical Synods.
All who innovate with heresy or schism, voluntarily wore the curse as a garment, even popes and patriarchs, and even laymen and even clergy, even an angel from heaven.
+ ANTHIMOS, by mercy of God, Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch
+ IEROTHEOS, by mercy of God, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Egypt land
+ METHODIOS, by mercy of God, Patriarch of Antioch
+ KYRILLOS, by mercy of God, Patriarch of Jerusalem
And their Holy Synods