Against Ecumenism, New- Calendarism and Mondernism

Act of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece in 1957

1) We remain firmly unshaken in the Faith of our Fathers, in the injunctions of the New Testament, the Symbol of the Faith, the sacred Canons decreed by the holy seven Ecumenical and Local Councils, in the Teachings of the God-bearing Fathers, in the Decisions of the Pan-Orthodox Councils and Patriarchs, and in the Sacred Traditions.
2) We exclude and reject every deviation, every addition or subtraction of even one iota.
3) We are obedient only to decisions of Orthodox Councils.
4) We denounce the “official” [church] as innovationist, as schismatic, as cacodox, paving directly towards heresy.
5) We have no communion with the cacodox “official” [church], not recognizing the validity of its mysteries, not considering its acts and condemnations against us to have any authority.
6) We are indifferent to, and by no means fall by, the persecutions, the placing of the spears, the imprisonments, the defrockments, the slanders and insults, the banishments, with which the “official” [church] unmercifully treats us, thereby becoming “God-fighting” according to St. Athanasius the Great; [the “official” church] bears not a single power, nor has the capability to shake our faith and confession in regards to the Patristic [traditions] and separate us from the Holy Church, the Bride of Christ.

+ Metropolitan Demetrius of Thessalonica (President of the Holy Synod)
+ Metropolitan Spyridon II of Trimythus
+ Metropolitan Andrew of Patras
+ Metropolitan Callistus of Corinth
+ Metropolitan Bessarion of Tricca and Stagae
+ Metropolitan John of Thebes and Lebadia
+ Metropolitan Meletius of Attica and Megaris
+ Metropolitan Matthew II of Bresthena
+ Metropolitan Epiphanius of Citium
+ Metropolitan Anthimus of Piraeus
+ Metropolitan Theocletus of Salamis
+ Metropolitan Agathangelus of Tinos
+ Archpriest Eugene Tombros (Secretary of the Holy Synod